Ninebot, Hoverboard Bulgaria


Ninebot Mini Pro

Ninebot, Hoverboard Bulgaria

Price: 1500.00 BGN1800.00 BGN

Automatic headlamps,sensors for reading the external light,can be driven on all surfaces,protection IP54,
adjustable length of the lever,housing made of magnesium alloy-AZ91Dand aluminum alloy,LED lighting LEXAN ™ Visual FX,
аnticorrosive cover,two directly driven motor that automatically increase power when there is some obstacles or slopes,safety systems.
Precision sensors capture every movement, processing information at a speed 200 times per second.

Technical specifications:
-Connection via Bluetooth through mobile application Ninebot, information, settings
-Ninebot mobile application- ANDROID version 4.3 or newer / IOS version 6.0 or newer
-Material: aluminium and magnesium alloy
-Dimensions: 26x55cm
-Weight- 12.8kg
-Maximum speed- 18km/h
-Peak power- 2000W
-Power- 2x400W
-Maximum distance with a single charge- 30km*
-Maximum climbing angle- 15°
-Load: 20-100kg
-Turning radius- 0°
-Diameter: 10.5 inches/27cm
-Charging time: 3-4 hours
-Battery: Li-ion BMS/5.7AH/310Wh
-Power supply: 55V/5.7AH/310Wh
-Battery life- 3 years
-Remote control via Bluetooth
-Lightings- headlights(automatic sensors),tail lights(stop,acceleration,corner lamp)
-Warranty: 2 years
* The actual mileage depends on the weight,the pitch and the style of riding.

3520.95 BGN1500.00 BGN4.19%1562.85 BGN
6268.50 BGN1500.00 BGN7.40%1611.00 BGN
9184.50 BGN1500.00 BGN10.70%1660.50 BGN
12142.50 BGN1500.00 BGN14.00%1710.00 BGN
15117.45 BGN1500.00 BGN17.45%1761.75 BGN
18100.80 BGN1500.00 BGN20.96%1814.40 BGN
2480.10 BGN1500.00 BGN28.16%1922.40 BGN
3659.70 BGN1500.00 BGN43.28%2149.20 BGN

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