Ninebot, Hoverboard Bulgaria


Ninebot Elite Plus

Ninebot, Hoverboard Bulgaria

Price: 4500.00 BGN5700.00 BGN

Profitable investment for renting, in the tourism sector, advertising campaigns, security activities,
moving in large industrial zones.Can be driven on any surfaces. Two servo motors of third generation,
double gyroscopic system,housing made of magnesium alloy-AZ91D,matte aluminum alloy, LEXAN ™ Visual FX polycarbonate
resin coating,LEXAN ™ Visual FX LED lighting. IP54 protection against bad meteorological conditions. Safety systems.

Technical specifications:
-Connection via Bluetooth to the mobile application Ninebot, information, settings
-Ninebot mobile application- ANDROID version 4.3 or newer / IOS version 6.0 or newer
-Display with automatic brightness adjustment.
-Materials – aluminum and magnesium
-Dimensions: 39x59x110cm
-Weight: 23.5kg
-Maximum speed: 22km/h
-Maximum distance: 30 km on a single charge *
-Load: 20 -120kg
-Charge time: 3-4hours
-Power: 2x1350W-battery: BMS/10AH lithium-ion
-Power: 55.5V/10AH/620Wh
-Battery life: 3 years
-Turning radius: 0°
-Maximum climbing angle: 15°
-Diameter: 15 inches/38cm
-Warranty: 2 years
* Actual range depends on riding style and terrain.

31562.85 BGN4500.00 BGN4.19%4688.55 BGN
6805.50 BGN4500.00 BGN7.40%4833.00 BGN
9553.50 BGN4500.00 BGN10.70%4981.50 BGN
12427.50 BGN4500.00 BGN14.00%5130.00 BGN
15352.35 BGN4500.00 BGN17.45%5285.25 BGN
18302.40 BGN4500.00 BGN20.96%5443.20 BGN
24240.30 BGN4500.00 BGN28.16%5767.20 BGN
36179.10 BGN4500.00 BGN43.28%6447.60 BGN

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