Ninebot, Hoverboard Bulgaria


Hoverboard 10 inch Smart Balance 2017- Bluetooth,carrying bag,mobile application

Price: 269.00 BGN440.00 BGN

Front and back LED lighting,battery level indicator, rubber mats for better friction, 
switch on/off. The body is made of "ABS" and "PVC" materials, lithium-ion battery(Samsung), tires made of natural 
rubber, speakers with "Bluetooth" connection, safety system for battery drop.


Dimensions - 66x27x27cm
Net weight - 13kg
Minimum and maximum load - 20 - 110kg.
Maximum speed -12km/h
Power - 2x350W
Maximum mileage on a single charge - 20km*
Maximum angle of ascent - 15°
Turning radius - 0°
Tire diameter - 10inches (25.4cm)
Charging time - 2 - 3 hours
Battery (Samsung) - lithium-ion 36V/4.4AH/158.4Wh
Tyres - inner inflatable and outer tire
Speaker with "Bluetooth" connection
Mobile application(Android/IOS)
Protection IP54  
Warranty - 2 years
Battery warranty - 6 months
*Actual mileage depends on weight, terrain and manner of driving.

393.42 BGN269.00 BGN4.19%280.27 BGN
648.15 BGN269.00 BGN7.40%288.91 BGN
933.09 BGN269.00 BGN10.70%297.78 BGN
1225.56 BGN269.00 BGN14.00%306.66 BGN
1521.06 BGN269.00 BGN17.45%315.94 BGN
1818.08 BGN269.00 BGN20.96%325.38 BGN
2414.36 BGN269.00 BGN28.16%344.75 BGN
3610.71 BGN269.00 BGN43.28%385.42 BGN

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